Dunmore 1980


2nd March: Dunmore Athletic Club Revival


“We are glad to report the newly formed athletic club is now firmly established, and training sessions continue on Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm (sharp) in he Community Centre, and on Sundays after last mass”

11th May: Abbeylands: Rural Housing Organization

“Three years ago, the Community Council turned its attention to the housing needs of the parish. Their work is bearing full fruition now, with the proposed new housing estate in Chapel St. The estate will contain 20 two story houses, costing £16,500 each and work will be done by the R.HO (Rural Housing Organization), Shannon, Co. Clare. The chairman is Fr Harry Bohan. The organization was founded to help people particularly young couples, to ‘acquire house at the lowest possible cost’ and it has had considerable results. To quote further from their circular ‘At this time it has completed, under construction, or planned, almost a 1000 houses in 60 villages ranging over nine counties’. It has sold and continues to sell houses on a non-profit basis. All the houses are sold freehold to clients irrespective of their occupation, means, marital status, place of residence or other criteria. So far, the response has been very good, with 17 deposits already paid and altogether there have been over 60 enquirers from over-seas. The Community Council are to be congratulated for the initiative they have shown and we wish the project every success” 1



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1 Dunmore Newsletter 2nd March 1984